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As global partners of our clients, we set the trends in the increasingly demanding global market of food flavouring.

A variety of new and innovative flavours enables us to give consumer products a clear competitive edge. We partner closely with our customers' to bring tailored solutions for them, ensuring flavour performance and stability under the most rigorous industrial processing conditions.

A talented team brings customised solutions to clients from a variety of industry segments adding value by flavouring the great majority of food flavours systems.


Our cola, orange, grapefruit and lemon emulsions, along with other fruity flavours, reach the perfect balance between flavour, aroma and texture in terms of carbonated components, juice and isotonic. For instant juice goods we develop intense and aromatic powder flavours reaching a natural taste in the final products. Flavours for the alcoholic category and for liqueurs are developed to tip into the needs of an increasingly dynamic and demanding market.

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This line of products, tested to provide the greatest thermo resistance, keeps flavours and aroma in puddings, instant cakes, biscuits, cereal and other bread products.

We also have available a vanilla line of products, butter, lemon, coco, chocolate, honey and orange. In addition, we created a bread-like flavour for the non gluten segment.

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We create sweet flavours that enrich the texture and aroma of the products so they can be used in yogurts, deserts, ice creams and other dairy goods. This line goes from the classic strawberry, vanilla and sweet milk flavours to the wild forest fruits and newly developed mix fruit products. We also create buttery flavours for spreadable, margarines, mozzarellas, cheese, and fat products.

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For sweets, deserts and fillings, among many others, we have all the fruity options available to give products a natural tint.
Our chocolate, sweet milk, vanilla and caramel flavours are the number one in the infants' products segment. We are experts in the development of market trends for mint, menthol, herbs and refreshing flavours.

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This line goes from traditions flavours like ham, cheese, pizza, chicken, onion and smoked products -widely used in snacks, pasta, bread and meat- to exotic combinations and flavours that are ideal for the gourmet taste. Each flavour, either powder or liquid, is customized according to future usage requirements.

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Scents development for the pharmaceutical industry has been recognised and chosen by the most prestigious multinational laboratories. These flavours - either powders or liquids- have been formulated in order to avoid unpleasant taste, making them attractive and reaching outstanding results. Without any doubt, this has made us the best option in the pharmaceutical flavouring segment.

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Masking flavouring

Used in the pharmaceutical and mint industries. We have a range of exclusive concealing bitter and off-notes products such as DEBITTER and other texturizing and flavour intensifier components for the food industry.

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