Perfumes are the expression of feelings and moods; however, they also mirror social and cultural patterns that tell us about the present and the past.

Colours, sounds and scents are an instinctive part of human life. The magic of creating new fragrances lyes in combining different raw materials in a unique way which we believe is the work of an artist: the perfumer.

Fine Fragances

For our development team perfumes have the magnetism of an unsolved mystery. They feel besotted every time they embark on the adventure of creating a new fragrance.

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Fragrances open the door to the journey of feeling and sensations.
By observing society, we lead the evolution of trends across a range of markets regarding trials.

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Home care

Our clients' products, whether detergents, softeners, or air fresheners, present challenges to our perfumers. Cost constraints and technical complexities, such as incorporation processes or stability issues, must be considered by perfume professionals.

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Body care

Scented products and fragrances used on the body require certain qualities in terms of legislation, technical performance and olfactory description. Innovation and creativity are also crucial in the development of irresistible fragrances that people can enjoy.

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Creative and
Innovative solutions

Creativity and innovation are the core of our business. From creating new aromatic products, to optimise your existing portfolio, we can help you. We offer new product concepts with a commercially successful insight in the world of fragrances.

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